Abe Soare, “Oasis” – ISOTW – 23/01/23

Formerly releasing under Abby Butler, 23-year-old Limerick singer songwriter shares a new single ‘Oasis’ under their new moniker, Abe Soare.

Abe Soare – meaning ‘Honest Sun’.

Adopted from Romania as a baby to Irish parents, their original name was Ioana Soare. This directly translates to Joan Sun in English.


The name Sun (Soare) reflects how Abe has learned to always keep a positive outlook on life and wants to continue spreading light and love through their music.

As the artist has grown up, they have realised that they identify as non-binary.

A more gender-neutral name such as “Abe” makes the artist feel more comfortable and reflects the trials and tribulations it takes to live an honest life. (Just like an honest Abe).

Abe Soare is influenced by other great acoustic singer songwriters such as Emma Langford and Wallis Bird.

Abe won the Live 95fm Local Hero award 2021 and was shortlisted to one of the 25 acts around the country.

Abe was nominated in Hot Press Magazine’s “Hot for 2022” issue and also included in their “Young and Emerging” artist series.

Abe also won the Mike the Pies Battle of the Bands competition last year.

‘Oasis’ was written during a difficult time in Abe’s life.

Struggling with depression, identity confusion, and low self-esteem.

With little hope of end in sight this ‘Oasis’ was imagined, giving relief and peace in a troubled time.

Speaking of the song, Abe Soare says “I hope Oasis reaches someone else who feels lost and reminds them that it is ok not to have all the answers.

To remind them they are doing their best and that they are stronger than they ever thought they could be.”

The song is about searching for light in the darkness.

Looking for guidance and help from somewhere else “Where’s my North star?”, but ultimately accepting that we are the only ones that can help ourselves and that we are stronger beyond all belief.

“We’re all weary ones, till we know we’re strong.”

‘Oasis’ is the first in the beginning of a series of exciting new releases in 2023.