Removal Of Hogan From EU Role Would Negatively Impact Ireland – Conway

Clare’s Fine Gael Senator is warning that any removal of Phil Hogan from his position as EU Trade Commissioner would have serious implications for Ireland.

The European Commission President has spoken further with the embattled Commissioner after he issued her with a report on his movements in Ireland and a decision on his future in the position is expected today.

Here, the government says he has “clearly” breached public health guidelines.


European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has spoken further with Phil Hogan today, amid continued criticism of him owing to the Golfgate scandal.

A decision on his future is expected today, and a spokesperson for the EU Commission President says she’s committed to making a comprehensive and fair decision.

EC Deputy Chief Spokesperson Dana Spinant says Phil Hogan’s report is being carefully analysed.

Last night the Taoiseach, Tanaiste and Green Party leader said it’s clear that Phil Hogan he breached public health guidelines while he was here

This morning Eamon Ryan said the government has lost confidence in the Commissioner, but says it will respect the decision from Brussels.

This lunchtime, Taoiseach Michael Martin said the EU Commissioner has undermined public health guidelines but he wouldn’t be drawn on whether he should resign.

But while many have called for Phil Hogan to go, some say he needs to stay on in his role.

Clare’s Fine Gael Senator says Mr. Hogan has already paid the price for his movements, and that his actions were wrong.

However, given Phil Hogan’s position as Trade Commissioner, and the ongoing talks on Brexit in particular, Senator Martin Conway believes it’s in the national interest that he stays on