Proportion Of Women In Agriculture, Forestry In Fishing In Clare Halved

Picture © Pat Flynn

The percentage of workers in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries in Clare who are women has halved since 2011.

The latest census profile shows the majority of industries in the county remain male-dominated with ‘professional services’ and ‘commerce and trade’ being the only industries in which women hold sway.


A breakdown of workers in Clare by industry from last year’s census shows the areas of agriculture, forestry and fishing have made marginal gains since 2011 with 3,615 people now working in these industries compared to 3,028 eleven years previous.

This represents an increase just shy of 20% but a gender breakdown reveals that while women made up 12% of agriculture, forestry and fishing workers in 2011, they now only represent 6% of the workforce in these areas.

Professional services is the leading industry in the county and is largely made up of women with 9,942 of the 13,456 people who ticked it as their chosen industry on their census form being women.

The census also reveals that 51% of those working in commerce and trade, which is the second most popular industry in the county, are female.

However, all other industries continue to be male-dominated with manufacturing industries having a male majority of 72% which is up from 70% in 2011.

Similarly, 70% of transport and communications workers in the county are male which shows little change from 69% in 2011.