Private Jet Forced To Return To Shannon Airport

Image (c) Pat Flynn

A US-bound private jet was forced to turn around over the North Atlantic and return to Shannon Airport from where it had departed earlier.

The Gulfstream 4 jet took off from Shannon at around 3.20pm. About 23 minutes later however, the aircraft turned around and began to route back towards Ireland. It’s understood the crew reported a technical issue on board.

The flight crew routed back towards Ireland and entered a holding pattern over East Clare to burn off fuel so they would touch down within safe landing weight limits. After circling for over an hour, the crew commenced their approach to Shannon Airport.


The flight landed safely around 5.20pm, two hours after originally taking off.

The crew did not declare an emergency and did not require fire crews to be standing by for them on their return.

The aircraft is registered to Osprey Wings Llc in Las Vegas in the US.