Midwest Simon Says It’s Assisted Nearly 10,000 People At Foodbanks So Far In 2021

Photo (c) DAPA Images via Canva.com

Midwest Simon says it’s assisted nearly 10,000 people at its foodbank facilities so far in 2021.

The charity is expressing concern that college students are now availing of their services in high numbers as they struggle to find accommodation.


Reports circulating today indicate that Housing Minister Darragh O’ Brien is pushing for rent caps of 2 per cent.

The measure could be signed off by the Cabinet as soon as the end of the month.

It’s less than three months since the Department of Housing signaled its intention to only allow rent increases in line with inflation – though that measure appears to now be a non-runner, given that inflation levels are at around 3 percent, with rent caps in rent pressure zones at around 4 percent.

Clare wasn’t a designated rent pressure zone under the old RPZ system, and questions remain whether this county would be under a new one.

President of the Clare branch of the SVP, Denis Carty, says he’s concerned about renters in this county who are availing of the Housing Assistance Payment.

Meanwhile, a homeless charity serving this region says students have begun availing of its services in recent weeks as a result of the low level of accommodation available here.

Midwest Simon say they’re bracing themselves for an increased number of people in the private rental market presenting as homeless over the winter months.

CEO Jackie Bonfield says demand for its services is as high as ever.