MacDara Ó Conaola Reacts to ‘An Cailín Ciúin’ and Highlights His Pride In Our Native Language

On Wednesday’s Morning Focus, Alan was joined by MacDara Ó Conaola from Inis Oirr who is the Language Planning Officer for the Ennis Network. MacDara discussed the Irish film called ‘An Cailín Ciúin’ which has been nominated for an Oscar in the category for the Best International Film. He spoke about the significance of this for the Irish language which may inspire the people of County Clare to acknowledge our native language and to begin to learn the language slowly if you wish to do so. He also highlighted the various number of events that are taking place in the banner county in relation to Irish speaking. If you wish to contact MacDara or the Ennis Network regarding the upcoming events, you can do so by calling 065-6864474 .The mobile number is 086-457264 or you can email  [email protected].

You can listen to the full interview below.