Former Clare TD & Government Minister Believes Further Cost Of Living Measures Will Lead To Higher Taxes

A former Clare TD believes any further measures taken by Government to address the rising cost of living will have to be dealt with through higher taxes.

It’s understood the State is examining the possibility of introducing “time of day pricing” on electricity, which would see the cost per unit reduced at certain times.

Clare FM’s Rebecca O’Sullivan reports.


The Government is coming under increasing pressure to address rising costs in energy, petrol and diesel, food and fertiliser among other products.

Opposition parties say the State needs to further intervene with Sinn Féin calling for zero per cent VAT on fuel.

It comes after Electric Ireland became the latest company to announce a price hike earlier this week, with bills set to rise by 23.4 per cent.

Households are being advised to use their dishwasher and washing machine at night, to curb energy costs.

Consumer Journalist Siobhan Maguire says the Government plans to look at ‘time of day pricing’ measures in the near future.

However, a former Mayor of Clare doesn’t believe the Government is reacting fast enough to what’s being described as a ‘volatile’ energy market.

Excise duty was cut by 15 cent on diesel and 20 cent on petrol last month, but James Breen wants it to be removed completely.

The Kilnamona native says he’s fearful about what next winter may hold for people on low incomes.

A former Clare TD and Minister for Defence believes increased taxes on workers are almost inevitable if further measures to address the cost of living are implemented.

It’s believed while borrowing rates remained low during the pandemic across Europe, these are likely to increase.

Corofin native Tony Killeen says while targeted measures to help those most in need may be required, it is likely to cast a burden on the taxpayer.