Flights Divert To Shannon Following Runway Incident in Dublin

Image (c) Pat Flynn

A number of flights have been forced to divert to Shannon Airport this evening following an incident at Dublin Airport earlier.

It’s understood that at least one of the two tyres on the nosewheel of a Ryanair jet blew after landing at Dublin at around 5.30pm.

Soon after Ryanair Flight FR-5542 from Liverpool to Dublin landed, sparks and smoke were quickly noticed by air traffic controllers who alerted the flight crew. Emergency services were promptly notified and rushed to where the aircraft had stopped on a taxiway.


Passengers were able to disembark the aircraft safely and were taken to the terminal by bus. No one was injured in the incident. Around a dozen emergency vehicles including fire and ambulance crews surrounded the aircraft on the taxiway.

Other aircraft due to land on the same runway were placed in holding patterns away from the airport while an emergency response was implemented. A short time later, the northern runway at Dublin was opened to inbound and departing flights.

The flights that have diverted to Shannon so far are:

Ryanair flight FR-7125 from Lanzarote

Aer Lingus EI-527 from Paris

Aer Lingus  EI-585 from Malaga

Aer Lingus  EI-743 from Santiago, Spain

The flights are all expected to return to Dublin once the aircraft have been refuelled.