Flight Diverts To Shannon With Sick Passenger

A transatlantic jet has made an emergency landing at Shannon Airport after the crew diverted to seek medical attention for an ill passenger.

Air Canada flight AC-871 was travelling from Paris, France to Montreal in Canada when the crew declared a medical emergency over the Atlantic. The Boeing 777-300(ER) jet was about 350 kilometres west of Shannon at the time.


The crew advised air traffic controllers that they had a passenger on board who required medical attention. The National Ambulance was alerted and requested to mobilise resources to the airport.

The flight crew also confirmed they would be making an overweight landing so airport fire and rescue crews were placed on standby also. This is a precautionary measure in case an aircraft’s braking system overheats during an overweight landing.

The flight landed at 4.42pm and was pursued along the runway by airport fire crews who also remained with the jet until it was parked at the terminal. Fire officers then inspected the jet’s undercarriage to ensure temperatures were within safe limits.

The flight was also met by ambulance paramedics who assessed the man before taking him to University Hospital Limerick for treatment. It’s understood the man was accompanied by his wife.

The flight continued its journey to Montreal at 6.50pm after the aircraft was refuelled and the crew received a new flight plan.