Fears Anti-Social Behaviour Will Ruin Ennis Parade Reputation

Picture © Pat Flynn

It’s feared anti-social behaviour during the Ennis St Patrick’s Day Parade, could ruin the town’s reputation, if steps aren’t taken to prevent it this year.

Councillor Mary Howard claims visitors and spectators have been sprayed with shaving foam and silly string in recent years, while shop owners have been intimidated by young people blocking paths.

75 local businesses signed a petition calling for a greater Garda presence on the streets of the county town a number of years ago, amid concerns that visitors didn’t feel safe, due to the behaviour of teenagers.


Councillor Howard is asking business owners not to sell products to young people which could cause offence or upset to visitors:

Mary Howard is appealing to “all businesses, especially on the route of the St. Patrick’s Day parade be sensible as to whom they sell these products to”.