Emergency Funding Sought To Fix Rapidly Deteriorating Roads In Clare

Photo © Pat Flynn

It’s claimed Clare is at crisis point when it comes to the state of local and rural roads across the county.

The local authority is set to write to the Department of Transport to seek emergency capital funding to tackle widespread road disrepair.

It’s understood Clare County Council has €16.4m in its coffers for the maintenance and improvement of local roads throughout the county.


However if all of this funding was invested in the county’s 4,444km local and regional road network, it would strengthen and resurface just 6% of the route.

The Department of Transport recommends that 10% of a county’s roads should be maintained on an annual basis.

The Mayor of Clare believes the local authority will have to consider taking out a loan if emergency funding is not granted by government as many roads here have become impassable.

Bodyke Fine Gael Councillor Joe Cooney says the situation has reached crisis point.

A Councillor in the South East of the County claims Clare’s motorists are getting nowhere near their value for money when it comes to road tax.

Years of funding neglect, pot hole proliferation and limited resources for council and municipal district repair crews were among the issued raised at the latest meeting of the local authority.

In 2022 alone, 27% of Clare’s local tertiary road network received the lowest possible pavement surface condition rating upon inspection by the National Oversight and Audit Commission.

Cratloe Fianna Fáil Councillor Pat O’Gorman insists the responsibility is on Clare’s Oireachtas members to ensure emergency funding is secured or else there will be serious consequences.

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