Councillors To Consider Fresh Calls For Pedestrianisation of Ennis

Photo © Clare County Council

Clare’s county town could in line for a radical change to its traffic plan.

It’s being proposed to pedestrianise parts of the town centre in an effort to boost trade.

However, businesses in the town are likely to oppose the suggestion.


Councillors in the Ennis Municipal District are set to debate the motion at next Monday’s meeting, in a move that would see parts of O’Connell, Parnell and Abbey Streets closed to traffic.

The plan would be initally introduced on a trial basis, with the motion coming from Independent Councillor James Breen.

The Deputy Mayor of Ennis wants permanent pedestrianisation in the town, and feels something needs to be done to revive it’s economy

However, there are also warnings being sounded that cutting off traffic from the town centre is not a guaranteed way to increase business.

While pedestrianisation has been trialled in the period before Christmas, a more comprehensive trial in 2010 was cut short after six weeks, when it had been proposed that it run for six months.

This was after traders claimed that trade had dipped by 40% when vehicle access was restricted.

Patrick Bourke of Patrick Bourkes Menswear says while footfall may increase, it doesn’t mean that spending will.