Clare Garda Rep Says Decision To Withdraw Labour Necessary

Image (c) Pat Flynn

Clare’s GRA representative insists reintroducing the pre-covid roster at a time when Garda resources are stretched so thin would defy logic.

The President of the Garda Representative Association has this morning asked the Government to intervene in its ongoing dispute over the planned reinstatement of the controversial ‘Westmanstown Roster’ which would see members working on a six days on, four days off basis of 10-hour shifts from the 6th of November.

It comes as Garda√≠ have voted by an overwhelming majority to refuse to work voluntary overtime on five Tuesdays in October, including Halloween and Budget Day, as well as to withdraw all labour from the 10th of November if a resolution isn’t arrived at.


Garda Paul Crowley says the action is necessary in order to demonstrate the impracticality of returning to the unpopular roster to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris.

You can listen to the full interview below.