Claims East Clare Tourism Sector Let Down By Failure To Maintain Hedges Over Summer Months

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It’s claimed East Clare’s tourism sector has been severely let down by a failure of Clare County Council to adequately manage vegetation on one of the region’s major roads over the summer.

The local authority’s hedge maintenance on the main road between Killaloe and Tuamgraney has come under criticism due to claims that tourists and locals alike were unable to walk on the route’s footpaths over the summer due to significant overgrowth.

Looking ahead to next summer, Whitegate Councillor Pat Burke has asked the local authority to keep the road “free of vegetation so that tourists and locals can enjoy this scenic area whether cycling or walking”.


Fine Gael Councillor Burke insists hedge maintenance on the Killaloe-Tuamgraney road must be carried out prior to peak tourism season in future for the benefit of region’s tourism economy.

You can listen to the full interview below.