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How to listen to Clare FM on Amazon Alexa


What you’ll need

  • Amazon Alexa Device
  • Wireless Internet Connection
  • Clare FM Skill (free on the Alexa Skills Store)

What you’ll need to do

  • Enable the Clare FM Skill
  • Then remember to say “Alexa, play Clare FM”
  • That’s it!
  • If you want to wake up to Clare FM on your Alexa, then we’ll show you how to do that also

How To Enable the Clare FM Skill in Alexa

Step 1
Log in to your Alexa app with your Amazon ID


Step 2
On home tab click “Browse Skills”


Step 3
Do a search for the “Clare FM” Skill


Step 4
Click the “Enable to Use” button to enable the skill


Start Listening To Clare FM

You can listen to Clare FM in a few different ways



If you’d like to know what song is currently playing, then …


Check out this space again soon for more skills …

Wake Up to Clare FM on your Alexa

Did you know you can schedule your Alexa to wake you up to the sounds of Clare FM?

How to wake up to Clare FM

  • Open the Alexa App on your smart phone
  • Click the “More” tab
  • Choose “Routines
  • Click the “plus” icon on the top right
  • Enter routine name… Let’s call it “Clare FM – wake Up” and hit save
  • Click “When this happens” and choose “schedule”
  • Click “At Time
  • Select the days you’d like to wake up to Clare FM
  • Then set the time and click next
  • Now click “Add Action
  • Choose “Skills” from the list, then “Your Skills” and select Clare FM
  • Click “Next” and hit “Save
  • A pop up message will say “Alexa will respond from:“. Choose the speaker you want to hear the audio play from.