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Sing The News


Sing The News – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Attention Manchester United fans....this week, Colum ate humble pie and admitted that Manchester United did a great job in turning around a 2 goal...

Sing The News – Shallow/Fella

Everybody loves Shallow from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper! But is there more to them than meets the eye? The Colum McGrath Breakfast sang the...

Sing The News – The Rogers Family

So the Rogers Family won the Euromillions this week! They were surely entitled to be the subject of this week's Sing The News on...

Sing The News – Jumbo BREXIT Roll

We think this might be the best one yet! On this morning's Colum McGrath Breakfast it was time for Sing The News - Colum...

Sing The News – It’s All About The Money!

On this morning's Colum McGrath Breakfast, Colum and Fiona sang the news! So what was this week's topic? Check it out!!

Sing The News – Ice Ice Baby

Colum and Fiona sing the news again!!! If you're in Ennis, Kilkee, Mullagh, Cree, Barefield or Bridgetown you need to check this out! This...

Sing The News – Azaelia Banks

"Sing The News" with Colum and Fiona...This week, Colum and Fiona had a little ditty for Azaelia Banks following her recent comments about Irish...

Sing The News – Thank U, Nurse

Colum and Fiona "Sing The News"... This week Colum wrote a verse in support of nurses ... and "performed" it live on the show....

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