Mike Hanrahan Launches New Book

On Morning Focus today, Mike Hanrahan, Musician, Songwriter and now Author joined us in studio following the launch of his new book A Beautiful Affair.

The book takes us backstage and into the kitchens of a bohemian, international and surprisingly foodie group of Irish household names, including Ronnie Drew, Finbar Furey, Maura O’Connell, Leslie Dowdall, Pat Shortt, Eleanor Shanley and Sharon Shannon.

Mike penned hit singles ‘Beautiful Affair’ and ‘Walk Away’ for Stockton’s Wing, from which a world of touring and behind-the-scenes escapades began. With affectionate portraits of the legendary personalities he came to know along the way, Beautiful Affair rings with the sheer graft, dedication and serious sense of humour of a life well spent on stage – and in the kitchen.


If you missed our chat with Mike, you can catch it below: