The Lanes & Bow-ways of Ennis

The Lanes and Bow-ways of Ennis is the work of Larry Brennan who has been devoted to researching the subject since 2014.

Growing up in Ennis, one takes it for granted about the number of lanes in the town but do we all know the correct names? Today many towns’ people call the lanes by their adopted names such as Quinn’s Lane, Enzo’s Lane, Supermac’s Lane but it’s always a source of debate and discussion.

The laneways contain an architectural heritage with a unique collection of vernacular building types, styles and diversity of uses from all periods of our history along with notable personalities who are associated with the history of Ennis.


Larry has attempted to rekindle the names of some long-forgotten lanes, bow-ways and alleys and review the laneways that have been privatised, closed off, neglected or simply disappeared. He provides an insight into an Ennis long forgotten, the people, and how they lived here.

On Thursday’s Morning Focus, Gavin Grace spoke to Larry ahead of the launch on Friday.