HSE may facilitate virtual role for partners at key maternity moments – is that enough?

The calls for maternity restrictions to be lifted at hospitals across the country continue to gather steam. It comes as the HSE say they are seeking ways to include men in scans. Under plans being considered by the HSE, partners will be able to virtually take part in women’s key maternity appointments, but a new document being drawn up by the HSE offers little hope of in-person attendances at scans for men in the near future.

Ciara McGuane is a new mother who gave birth at the beginning of the pandemic. She originally joined us on the show a number of weeks ago to highlight the issue. Now, she’s furthered her campaign and has started a Facebook page called ‘In Her Shoes’, with some of her posts reaching half a million people. She’s teamed up with other mums across the country and is continuing to lobby local representatives here.

She spoke with Gavin on Monday’s Morning Focus.