Ennis National School Students Knit Christmas Tree!

Around 100 boys and girls of Ennis National School knit each lunchtime as part of the Crafty Crew run by Ms. O’Neil and Ms. Harding. The club is run on donations of wool and knitting needles in order to enable any child from 3rd to 6th class to learn the skill.

However, due to covid restrictions, the club cannot go ahead as normal, so instead they’ve continued in a new way. This year from lockdown in March up to last week children, parents and grandparents have been knitting squares to collaborate in making a community Christmas Tree. Originally the idea was just to create a tree, but the squares just kept on coming!

The Christmas display is now in the Insomnia window in Tesco’s Shopping centre in Ennis which has been created from the hundreds of squares collected.


On Friday’s Morning Focus, Gavin Grace spoke to teacher Ciara Harding about how the school community is closer than ever since lockdown!