Clare Joins Embrace FARM In Remembering Those Lost To Farm Accidents

This week, we have a Farm Focus special looking at the issues of farm safety, farm accidents and the impact of these incidents on families.

Embrace FARM is an organisation which supports those who have lost someone to a farm accident or families whose lives have been permanently changed as a result of one.

Set up by Brian and Norma Rohan, who have been through this themselves, they found that there was little or no emotional or practical support networks available to farm families suffering such loss.


Each year, a remembrance service is held for those who have been lost in such tragedies and sadly, the number of names read out every year is growing, with farming remaining the country’s most treacherous industry.

On this week’s podcast, we hear firstly from Diane Banville from Miltown Malbay, who lost her husband Kevin in 2014, less than a year after their wedding day, leaving her alone with their two young sons (from 0:30).

Counsellor Gina O’Dowd also joins the programme to give practical advice to those who are affected by these issues on what they should do to protect their mental health and learn to deal with this trauma (from 12:08).

Lastly, Newmarket-on-Fergus based agricultural solicitor Aisling Meehan, who is a board member of Embrace FARM tells us more about what the organisation can offer and what format these annual services take (from 16:17).

Listen back below:

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