Bull Match: The Clare ‘Tinder For Bulls’ Style App

You may have heard of Tinder – but if you’re in farming, Bullmatch is the app you need to know about.

Set up by Brian and Teresa Kelly from Kilnaboy, the app  allows farmers to select one or more characteristics they look for in a calf, for example a star or EBI rating, and within seconds the software, using an advanced algorithm similar to Artificial Intelligence, will suggest a list of bulls to achieve this result with the selected cows.

Bullmatch has now teamed up with Herdwatch to target a major UK expansion and Brian and Teresa join us on this week’s programme to share their story (from 11:44)


Teagasc is also on hand, as they are every week, this time to talk Cattle Reproductive Performance – Joey Larkin has advice on that (1:02)

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