Breast Cancer isn’t just ‘pink’ – it’s all the colours of emotion

Picture © Waldryano via Pixabay

Breast cancer isn’t just pink; it is a kaleidoscope of colours and emotions for those affected. That’s according to the Marie Keating Foundation as it launches a series of compelling patient videos to mark breast cancer awareness month and open a debate around the ‘colour of cancer’. The colour pink has become synonymous with breast cancer, however many patients experience darker moments and have difficulties dealing with the stark reality of a cancer diagnosis; some can feel alienated by the overwhelmingly positive ‘pinkness’ that dominates the movement.

Lorraine White is an active advocate for early detection after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39. She underwent surgery and 12 months of treatment. One year on and Lorraine says she carries around a ‘backpack’ of her experience with cancer.

On Wednesday’s Morning Focus, Gavin Grace, spoke with Lorraine about her experience of breast cancer.