Traders To Be Offered Free Spots At Ennis Market To Increase Footfall

Photo © Clare FM

Traders could be allowed to sell their wares for free at Ennis Market, as part of efforts to increase footfall on trading days.

The controversial re-developed market opened a year ago but has seen low levels of use, with less than a fifth of the available spaces being used on days when it’s open.

Town councillors want rate payers to be allowed set up weekend stalls for free to encourage people back into the market at Gurraunakilla.


The new market at Gurraunakilla re-opened a year ago after a 1.75 million euro redevelopment, but so far, it has failed to take off, after traders instead opted to stay at what had been their temporary base in Roslevan.

Now, less than a fifth of the available spaces being used on days when it’s open.

That’s prompted fresh calls for steps to be taken to ensure the building isn’t going to waste.

Ennis Fine Gael Councillor Johnny Flynn had proposed that rate paying traders in the town be given a free stall on Saturdays.

The motion has been given the green light by councillors, who will now consult with local stakeholders to see if the idea can be implemented in the coming weeks and months.

The move is being welcomed by Ennis Chamber of Commerce.

Given the low level of use in the market to date, the business group wants to see urgent action taken to increase the number of people coming in to use it.

President of the Chamber William Cahir believes with the proper branding, this may be a solution to the problem.