Theresa May Calls For UK Election

The British Prime Minister has called a general election to be held on June 8th.

Theresa May has decided to call an election in a bid to increase her government majority after several strong opinion polls.


The House of Commons will need to vote by a two thirds majority to approve the election tomorrow.

Theresa May’s previously said she didn’t want another vote until 2020.

But speaking from Downing Street, she says she’s ‘reluctantly’ changed her mind – because of the challenges of Brexit.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has labeled the decision to call an election “brave” and “right”.

In a Tweet he’s expressed his best wishes to all Conservative candidates.

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he welcomes the decision to give people the chance to vote for what he calls ‘ a government that will put the interests of the majority first’.

He says his party is campaigning to win.

Here at home, Leo Varadkar says he wouldn’t foresee a snap general election here were he to take over as Fine Gael leader and Taoiseach.

The Social Protection Minister says he’s not sure the decision of the British Prime Minister has any impact on issues here – though it will impact on efforts to put together an executive in Northern Ireland.

He’s also adamant it shouldn’t impact on when Enda Kenny departs as Fine Gael leader.

Clare TD and Minister for Employment and Small Businesses Pat Breen has been speaking to Clare FM following the announcement: