Taoiseach Criticised Over Lack Of Women In New Cabinet

Photo © Oireachtas.ie

Leo Varadkar’s Government’s been getting down to work – amid warnings they can’t waste any more time in getting the job done.

The new Taoiseach’s been facing criticism over not increasing the number of women at the top table.

After a night of celebrations, Ministers have visited their departments this morning to meet staff, get briefings and begin reading up on the job they have to do.


There is criticism though of the number of women in Leo Varadkar’s Cabinet – the number of ministers is the same but the number of women is down one as the new Attorney General is a man.

The biggest challenge for this Government now is to get straight to work and show tangible progress on issues – Micheál Martin’s warned there’s no more time to be wasted in delivering for the people.