South East Clare School Evacuated Following Gas Leak

A South East Clare school has been evacuated following a gas leak this morning.

Emergency services were contacted after a digger hit a gas pipeline at the front of Parteen National School.


Over 300 students were evacuated from Parteen National School around 9.30 this morning after a digger hit a gas pipeline at the front of the property, during construction work on school grounds.

Emergency services including Limerick City and County Fire and Rescue Service, the Gas Emergency Services and Gardaí were contacted and pupils were temporarily relocated to the near by Greenpark Estate as a precautionary measure.

A decision was taken to close the school for the day and all pupils were collected soon after the incident.

The South East Clare School followed its Critical Incident Policy and shut off the gas supply, while construction workers have since carried out repairs on the damaged pipeline.

The Gas Emergency Service has now confirmed that there's no gas in the school and have deemed it safe to re-open tomorrow as normal.