Shannon Residents Threatened With Court Action Over Remedial Works Bill

A resident of a Shannon housing development where major fire safety defects were found, who’s now being threatened with court action over necessary remedial works, feels she and her neighbours are paying for the mistakes of others.

Homeowners in Bru na Sionna recently received contact from a solicitor, warning them to pay the first installment for remedial works within fourteen days.

The letter also threatened court action for those who didn’t pay up.


Major fire safety defects were discovered in a number of homes last year, and a schedule of works were agreed with the county’s fire officer that amount to around 2.4 million euro.

Residents also voted to pay for the works as part of their annual service charges.

Lorraine Carew and her husband bought an apartment there when they retired and face a bill in excess of 6 thousand euro this year alone.