Shannon Airport At Risk Of Being ‘Swept Away’

Photo © Pat Flynn

The OPW has warned that Shannon Airport is at risk of being ‘swept away’.

The OPW has warned that homes, businesses, roads, water treatment plants and health centres across the country will be inundated by flood waters, unless around 835 million euro is spent over the coming years.

The details are contained in 29 Flood Risk Management Plans produced by the OPW following extensive studies of 6,500 kilometres of river, and 90 coastal communities.


The Irish Independent reports that works are needed to protect around 300 at-risk towns and cities if a major flood event arises, while taking into account increased rainfall and rising sea levels as climate change takes hold.

The Government has set aside 430 million euro for flood defence between 2016 and 2021, but almost the entire budget is taken up by the 14 biggest schemes, with more than 140 million needed for Cork City alone and another €56m in Limerick.

It’s estimated that Shannon Airport will need an investment of 40 million euro, and the OPW warns that if these works, and others aren’t done, the state could face damages of 268million euro.