Shannon Airport Not Satisfied With Government’s National Planning Framework

Photo © Pat Flynn

The CEO of Shannon Group is hitting out at the government’s National Planning Framework for ‘being silent’ on all airports except Dublin.

Matthew Thomas is concerned that Shannon Airport hasn’t been outlined as a priority under the strategy and as a result, won’t be able to reach its potential.

Clare FM’s Fiona Cahill reports:


The government’s National Planning Framework plan runs until 2040, with a focus on balanced regional development.

While some sectors have given it a broad welcome, concern has been expressed in the MidWest that this region is being left behind.

Shannon Group is among those who are unhappy – CEO Matthew Thomas spoke today on Clare FM’s Morning Focus.

On the issue of growth at the Airport, Matthew Thomas acknowledged that it has been a case of ‘swings and roundabouts’ this year.

There have been gains, with four new airlines coming on board, but services to Chicago and Berlin were among those which suffered cutbacks.

Just over 1.7 million passengers passed through Shannon last year and this year’s figure is expected to be similar.

But Matthew Thomas says more can be done, and wants what he calls a ‘fair’ playing field to allow that happen.