SF Senator Resignation Was “Politically Motivated”

Clare’s Sinn Féin representative claims there’s no doubt that the resignation of his party colleague was politically motivated.

Trevor Ó Clochartaigh resigned from Sinn Féin yesterday amid allegations of unacceptable behaviour and bullying.

But Shannon Councillor Mike McKee has once again dismissed allegations of bullying.


Less than a month ago, Tipperary’s Seamus Morris followed in the footsteps of Limerick Councillor Lisa Marie Sheehy by resigning from Sinn Féin over bullying allegations.

In total, over a dozen have done likewise in recent years.

The highest-profile of those came yesterday, when Galway Senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh left the party, claiming its systems to deal with bullying are not fit for purpose.

The now-Independent Senator says there are serious concerns about disciplinary action within the party:

But Sinn Féin say his resignation was over fears he wouldn’t win the upcoming selection convention in Galway West to run for the Dáil.

The party’s representative in Clare agrees.

Shannon Councillor Mike McKee, who himself once left the party claiming to be targeted with a vendetta, says this latest resignation is disappointing, but he’s no doubt it was politically motivated.