Rise In Rental Accommodation In Clare

There has been a rise in the number of people living in rented accommodation in Clare over the past five years.

According to the census, just over 10,100 houses were being rented in the county last year, a 6.8% rise on 2011.

The figures compiled by the CSO also show there are less vacant properties in the county and that fewer young people now own their own home.



In 2011, 9,468 homes in the county were being rented out, but five years on, that number has risen by 6.8% to 10,108.

The figures are contained in a new report by the CSO, which has examined the changing housing landscape across the country over that period.

According to the census, Clare has avoided massive rent price increases, with the average price paid to landlords rising by just over €2.50 per week, from €124.99 in 2011 to €127.56 in 2016.

The number of vacant dwellings in the county has dropped by 7% to 10,925. Of those, 4,821 are holiday homes.

Fewer young people own their own home in the banner, with home ownership taking over from renting in Clare at the age of 34 – given that this was the age of 26 in 1991 – it shows a clear long term trend.