Mixed Reaction Among Clare TDs To Budget 2020

Clare TDs have given a mixed reaction to measures announced in Budget 2020.

While, Fine Gael has defended its prudent approach, there are criticisms here that the budget didn’t go far enough on health, and claims more could have been done for pensioners.


It was a budget prepared in the shadow of Brexit, and neutral as a result, with commentators saying there were few winners or losers.

But there has been anger from certain quarters that pensions or social welfare increases haven’t been doled out, or that some taxes weren’t cut.

Clare’s Junior Minister has defended the decisions made, saying the challenging times ahead have to be taken into consideration.

Minster Pat Breen says we’re facing a very serious situation.

Clare’s Fianna Fáil TD says everyone accepts what’s ahead of us and while it’s unfortunate that those on the edge didn’t get much from this budget, it would be worse to give something now and then have to take it away again.

He says his party fought for increased payments for pensioners, but it was clear that the money simply wasn’t there.

However, he thinks that may not have been the case if finances were handled differently.

Clare’s Independent TD, meanwhile, has criticised the Government’s lack of urgency in dealing with the ongoing crisis in the health service, saying a lack of joined up thinking is evident in this budget.

Dr Michael Harty says it’s difficult to criticise the changes to the health budget, as they’re all worthwhile, but he believes that funds could have been better invested to alleviate pressure on the hospital system.

He’s hit out over the allocation of an additional 25 million euro to the National Treatment Purchase Fund, which aims to alleviate waiting lists.