New Dail Prayer Rules Take Effect

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Two TDs could face disciplinary action later today, including losing a day’s pay, when new rules on the Dáil prayer take effect.

The rules make it mandatory for TDs to stand up during the prayer, whether praying or not.

Last Thursday the Dáil rejected three different attempts to abolish its mandatory daily prayer, and instead voted to include 30 seconds of reflective silence afterward.


But it also voted to make it mandatory to stand for the prayer, which at least two TDs say they won’t do.

Both Ruth Coppinger of Solidarity, and Brid Smith of People Before Profit, have said they will not stand, but it’s not clear if they will sit down during it, or simply boycott the prayer entirely.

In reality the focus will be not on the TDs who choose to sit down, but rather on the Ceann Comhairle.

It’s up to him to determine exactly if rules are being broken, and to enforce them.