Moran Withdraws From SF Election Race, Criticises Party

Noeleen Moran has withdrawn from the race to be the Sinn Féin candidate in the upcoming General Election.

Ahead of tomorrow’s selection convention for the party, the Ballyvaughan woman – who secured over 4,200 first preference votes for Sinn Féin in the last election in 2016 – has said she won’t be putting her name forward

In a statement to Clare FM this afternoon, she has also hit out at the process for choosing who to represent Sinn Féin in Clare for the vote, saying the party has had since last summer to select a candidate and says waiting until now is neither an “appropriate or fair” way to treat someone who put their name forward.


Along with the late Councillor Mike McKee, Noeleen Moran had initially been selected by Sinn Féin to run for the party but was de-selected last October.