Minister Insists Government Considering ‘Every Measure’ To Support Shannon Airport

The Junior Minister for Transport insists the government is considering ‘every measure’ possible in supporting Shannon Airport through the pandemic.

Minister Hildegarde Naughton’s comments come as Ryanair puts the ball in the government’s court over when its base at the county’s airport will reopen.


Ryanair announced back in October that they would close their winter bases at both Shannon and Cork airports as they cut capacity in Ireland and throughout Europe.

135 people were put out of work as a result of the move.

Next week, a small number of scheduled flights will resume at Shannon with Ryanair flying on routes to Manchester, Stansted and Wroclaw.

Group CEO Michael O Leary has today reassured people in the Midwest that their base will reopen, but says when that happens is largely up to government.

He says the airline wants the State to lower airport costs to help aid recovery.

Here locally, there have been further calls for the government to support Shannon Airport through a national aviation policy.

Councillor Gerry Flynn believes further incentives need to be in place for both airlines and passengers to fly into airports outside of Dublin.

The Minister of State of for International Transport says she is considering ‘every measure’ available to supporting airlines and airports amid the fallout from the pandemic.

Minister Hildegarde Naughton has told Clare FM that the government will continue to support Shannon Airport, but she’s stressed that Ryanair and other airlines will have to make their own commercial decisions.

Meanwhile, as a government review into Shannon Group continues, Minister Naughton today told Clare FM that it is due to be published in the next number of weeks – possibly before Christmas.