Mayor Of Clare Welcomes Postponement Of Protest

The Mayor of Clare has welcomed the postponement of a planned anti-racism demonstration in Ennis.

The Black Lives Matter protest was due to be held this weekend, but after concerns were raised over social distancing, organisers now say they will hold it at a later date.


The Black Lives Matter demonstration was organised in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, an incident that has provoked outrage across the US and globally.

The event, organised mainly by students, was due to take place at The Height on Saturday, but after receiving what they call ‘new information and clearer guidance’ on their rights to protest during the pandemic, they’re postponing the event.

Gardaí said yesterday that they had been contacted by concerned members of the public, who feared that any gathering could lead to a spread of COVID-19.

Organisers are now liaising with Gardaí, the HSE and the Clare County Council, and say they want it to take place in a safe way, when that’s possible.

One of the organisers, David, spoke today on Clare FM’s Morning Focus

The Mayor of Clare was one of those who spoke with organisers in advance of last night’s decision to postpone the event.

Clare Colleran Molloy, who backed the event and had intended to attend, says those behind it are young and are trying to make a change for the good.

She admits it was the right decision to postpone it, until it’s safe to hold large gatherings, but believes a remote event could be organised instead.

Michael Glynn, Clare FM, first for local news.