Local Property Tax Compliance Rate Falls Slightly

The compliance rate for the Local Property Tax in Clare has fallen marginally in the past year.

The Revenue has published statistics showing that homeowners here paid 9.8 million euro in the tax last year, as Clare FM’s James Mulhall reports.


Compliance with the local property tax is high, both nationally and in Clare.

In fact, while the national rate of compliance is 97%, here it’s 98.8%.

But in each of the previous two years, that figure was higher again, standing at over 99%, and while the fall is small, this does mean that hundreds of homeowners who were paying the tax didn’t do so in 2018.

The tax was paid for 53,500 Clare homes here last year, while deferrals or exemptions were granted in the cases of 3,000 properties.

It generated total of 9.8 million euro here, with over 70% of homes here are valued at €150,000 or less for the sake of the tax.

Some of the revenue will go towards funding local services provided by Clare County Council but, in a bone of contention for some local representatives, more of it goes outside of the county and into an equalisation fund used to prop up areas where revenue from the tax is lower.