At Least Eight COVID-Related Deaths In Clare Already In 2021 – CSO

Last week was the deadliest week so far in Clare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At least eight deaths related to the virus have been recorded here in the first two weeks of the New Year, seven of them in the seven days up to last Friday.

CSO figures show that number has never been recorded here at any point since the onset of the virus.



These CSO figures record cases and deaths due to COVID-19 on the actual day they occured.

They show that in the first two weeks of the year, up to January 15th, there were 1,722 cases of the virus registered here.

For their first time, the figures also reveal the human toll of the current wave, with at least eight deaths linked to the virus in Clare already this year.

Seven of those people died due to COVID-19, or after they were diagnosed with the virus, in the week to January 15th.

That makes this the deadliest week of the pandemic so far.

Before now, no more than six deaths were recorded in a single week – that happened twice in May.

In the week before, up to January 8th, a further number of deaths, between one and five, was also registered here – the exact number is not revealed.

Since last March, 54 COVID-related deaths have been recorded here, while 3,879 people have been diagnosed with the disease.