Warning That Drinking Water From County’s Largest Group Scheme Could Have Health Impact

Customers of the county and country’s largest group water scheme are being warned not to drink from its supply until further notice, because it could impact their health.

A “Do Not Drink” notice has been issued to those connected to the Kilmaley/Inagh Group Water Scheme, and it will remain in place until next week.


Earlier this week, operational problems arose at the Water Treatment Works for the Kilmaley/Inagh Group Water Scheme, which resulted in above recommended levels of aluminium and turbidity, which is a measure of cloudiness in the water.

Clare County Council and the HSE were immediately notified and, following tests, a “Do Not Drink” notice has been issued.

It affects the 2000 homes in nine parishes that are supplied by the scheme.

Tankered water is being made available at four locations; Inch, Inagh, Kilmaley and Connolly and the public can fill water from those tankers themselves if they are unattended.

But people are advised to boil the water before use, in case of any contamination is transferred from the tankers.

Customers have been notified of the issues by text and email, and letters are also being sent out.

Manager of the Kilmaley-Inagh Group Water Scheme, Noel Carmody says it’s hugely important that people heed the warnings not to drink the water, as boiling won’t rectify the issues, and the water could damage people’s health.

Repairs are now being carried out, after which tests will have to be conducted before the all clear can be given.

The scheme first became operational in the 1970s, and Inagh Green Party Councillor Róisín Garvey says it’s infrastructure now needs to be upgraded.