“End In Sight” To Water Issues Affecting County’s Largest Group Water Scheme

Works aimed at addressing water quality issues affecting Clare’s largest group water scheme are expected to be completed tomorrow.

A “Do Not Drink” notice was issued last week to the 2,000 homes supplied by the Kilmaley/Inagh Group Water Scheme, after operational issues at the Water Treatment Works led to above recommended levels of aluminium in the water.

Water tankers have been provided at four locations; Inch, Inagh, Kilmaley and Connolly and the public can fill water from those tankers themselves if they are unattended.


Manager of the Kilmaley-Inagh Group Water Scheme, Noel Carmody has been telling Clare FM’s Fiona Cahill that an end is in sight, but the “Do Not Drink” notice won’t be lifted until water quality tests come back clear.