Hopes €5 Billion Offshore Wind Investment At Moneypoint Could Create Hundreds Of Jobs

© Pat Flynn

It’s hoped a five billion euro investment in an offshore wind project at Moneypoint will result in the creation of hundreds of jobs locally.

The ESB is due to unveil details of the new project as part of its nationwide long-term strategy for decarbonisation, which is to be announced tomorrow.


Plans are due to be released on Friday for a 270 square kilometre offshore wind project off the coasts of both Clare and Kerry, with Moneypoint its centre.

The proposed project, which will be worked on by both the ESB and Norwegian company Equinor, is due to be delivered in two phases, with the intention to begin supplying energy by 2028.

The project has yet to go through the planning phase, but it’s estimated that one and a half million homes could be powered by Moneypoint if the project gets the green light.

Moneypoint is due to end its practice of burning coal three years earlier, in 2025, and these works are intended utilise the spare capacity available following the coal plant closure.

Clare’s Green Senator Roisin Garvey says it will result in the creation of hundreds of jobs in West Clare and she predicts that further companies will be attracted to the area.

But a local Independent Councillor is calling for clarity on the long-term benefits for the local economy.

Over 100 high end jobs have been lost since Moneypoint began winding down its operations and Councillor Ian Lynch is calling for clarity on whether those jobs will be replaced.

He believes there’s huge potential for the further development of a number of local industries in tandem with the project, but says the devil will be in the detail.

Plans are due to be unveiled by the ESB as part of its long term strategy for nationwide decarbonisation tomorrow morning.