HIQA Publish Reports Into Clare Brothers Of Charity Centres

HIQA has found compliance issues at two facilities for people with disabilities in Clare.

Following an inspection, the health regulator found the Woodside and Shalom Brother of Charity centres to be modeately non-compliant in a number of areas.

A third centre has been found to be compliant in all areas.


Clare FM’s James Mulhall reports:

Brothers of Charity operate a number of centres for those with intellectual disabilities in Clare.

The HIQA inspections carried out at the Woodside and Shalom Centres were both unannounced and took place in July of last year.

In the case of the Woodside centre, near Ennis, meeting social care needs was found to be moderately non-compliant.

Inspectors highlighted that residents did not have transition plans in place when moving into adult services.

It was a similar situation in Shalom – where the centre was also found to be moderately non-compliant in meeting social care needs.

In this instance, while significant improvements had been made since the previous inspection, it was found that residents’ records were not updated to reflect their goal progress.

However, both centres were found to be reasonably acceptable overall.

Elsewhere, Eden Lodge disability centre was found to be compliant in all inspected areas.