Cahercalla Enters Agreement With Mowlam To Provide Clinical Oversight

Cahercalla Community Hospital are to outsource clinical and managerial oversight at the facility to help ensure its long term future.

Mowlam Healthcare, who already operate in another nursing home in Ennis and a facility in Kilrush, are beginning work this week.



In a statement, Cahercalla say they’re pleased to enter the agreement with Mowlam Healthcare, and that the Limerick-based company will provide Cahercalla with strong governance and supervision of their residential care services.

The nursing home says the agreement will help ‘maximise the potential’ of Cahercalla, and to develop a number of initiatives including a dedicated memory care service and further convalescence and respite services.

Workers at the site will remain employees of Cahercalla and retain their existing contract arrangements.

It’s understood that Cahercalla remains an independent voluntary entity and maintains its charitable status, while its Board of Directors continue to have sole ownership and ultimate responsbility for its governance.

Chair of the Board, Dr Michael Harty, says this agreement with Mowlam Healthcare will help to ensure the long term future of the facility.