Over 1,000 Patients Struck Off UHL Waiting List Without Being Seen

University Hospital Limerick emergency department

Over a thousand patients at the region’s main hospital have had their names struck off the waiting list, without ever having been seen, since the beginning of this year.

Figures from the Department of Health show that 1,011 people at University Hospital Limerick, along with 55 at Ennis General, have been removed from the lists as part of a validation process.

This process aims sees those waiting more than 6 months for operations and procedures or more than 9 months for an outpatient procedure contacted, to see if they still feel they are in need of specialist consultation.


The Health Minister says the validation process aims to create a true reflection of the demand on hospital services.

Whitegate Fine Gael Councillor Pat Burke, who’s a member of the HSE Health Forum West, says it’s a welcome move but the waiting lists remain worryingly high: