Ennis Mobility Plan Changes Labelled ‘Crumbs From The Table’ By Businesses

Changes to Ennis’ Mobility Plan have been labelled ‘crumbs from the table’ by one prominent critic of the town’s pedestrianisation.

Following a review, Clare County Council has announced that motorists will now be allowed drive through the town centre up until 11 each morning.


Ennis councillors have, in the main, welcomed changes to the town’s Mobility Plan which will open up access to more cars each morning.

From Thursday, the streets won’t be pedestrianised until 11 a.m. in a move that aims to negate the effect of heavy early morning school traffic in the town centre.

Fianna Fail councillor Clare Colleran Molloy says the changes will provide parking accessibility for those most in need.

Ennis’ business community, though, has given the changes a more cautious welcome.

There has been growing frustration amongst some traders over the impact of the restrictions – that’s despite an initial survey several months ago showing a majority supported the temporary pedestrianisation measures.

Owner of Custys Music Shop, John O Connor, believes the town will have to be opened up even further to cars as winter progress.

The Council have committed to keeping the plan under further review in the context of public health guidelines, and in the best interests of residents, shoppers and businesses.

Senior Executive Officer in the Ennis Municipal District of the local authority, Leonore O Neill, says they will continue to try to strike a balance with the pedestrianisation model.