Government’s Plastic Taxes Labelled “Small And Disappointing”

Clare’s Green Party Councillor is criticising the Environment Minister for what she’s labelled “small and disappointing” moves to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

It follows today’s announcement of a suite of new environmental taxes which it’s hoped will begin to roll out next year, targeting disposable coffee cups, plastic packaging and takeaway containers.


Under these new government proposals, the cost of a plastic bag will increase from 22 to 25c, a “latte levy” tax of between 10 and 25c per disposable coffee cup would be introduced and takeaway containers and plastic food packaging would be tackled in further phases.

All revenue raised from the taxes would go into the Environment Fund and be reinvested in environmental actions through the likes of Tidy Towns committees.

Minister Bruton says people will save money by being sustainable and small changes can make a major difference.

The measures have received a less than enthusiastic response from Clare’s elected Green Party representative.

Inagh Councillor Roisín Garvey says once again, the government is simply punishing the individual for the actions of the corporations.

She is accusing the government of missing the point completely.

The new taxes are not yet set in stone – they’ll go to public consultation first, until December 20th, with a view to the first phase being introduced next year or in 2021.