Government Called On To Take Action To Protect Future Of Moneypoint Workers

The Government is being called on to take action to force the ESB to unveil it’s future plans for staff in Moneypoint.

It follows reports that staff have been contacted by the company about voluntary redundancies, and that contract work has been greatly scaled back.

Fears have been expressed over the impact on the wider West Clare economy.


Coal will no longer be burned at Moneypoint from 2025, but yet there’s still no clarity on its future.

Reports have emerged that an announcement on redundancies is imminent, but while the ESB has refuted these claims, some staff have told local media they have been contacted about future voluntary exit packages.

The company insists it’s committed to engaging with stakeholders on the challenges associated with its transition away from coal, and has also told Clare FM that it’s confident Moneypoint will remain a key part of Ireland’s electricity grid.

But Kilrush Independent Councillor Ian Lynch says the confusion has left staff in limbo, and he fears the company is putting commercial interests ahead of those working there.

Calls have been made for Councillors to be addressed by the ESB, but this hasn’t yet happened.

Councillor Lynch says it’s now time the government intervenes.

Doonbeg Fianna Fáil election candidate Rita McInerney agreed that government intervention is required, and has called for a development plan for the plant.

Moneypoint is a major employer in West Clare, and she says this is already hitting other businesses and families.