Lucky Escape For Occupants Of Boat That Crashed Into Killaloe Bridge

Three people had a lucky escape after their boat crashed into Killaloe Bridge.

Killaloe Coast Guard was dispatched yesterday evening, following reports that a 19 foot lake boat had lost engine power in a strong current close by.


After the boat’s engine lost power yesterday evening, it was pulled towards Killaloe Bridge in the strong current, before it ultimately collided with the bridge, close to the Clare shore.

Three people, who were on board at the time and were all wearing life jackets, entered the water and made their way ashore on the Tipperary side of the lake.

The Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was on scene within minutes, and found all occupants of the vessel to be safe and that they didn’t require medical assistance.

The boat was towed back to Ballina slipway, where it was recovered from the water, while a Coast Guard mobile unit transported the occupants back to Two Mile Gate, where they had transport waiting.

The Killaloe Coastguard has said that this was a very lucky escape for the people on board the boat and is highlighting the importance of wearing your life jacket at all times, when you’re out on the water.