Up To 40 Children Still Without A Secondary School Spot For September

Serious concern has emerged in Ennis about capacity in secondary schools, as it’s emerged up to 40 sixth class pupils are still without a place for this September.

Principals in primary schools across the county town and surrounding areas have added their signatures to a letter, calling on the Department of Education to do something to address the issue.

They say while an additional school is needed in the long term, an immediate solution for those still unsure of where they will be for the next school term must be found.


The issue is also said to be present in other areas including Tulla and Barefield Independent Councillor Ann Norton says it’s leaving people at a loss:

Ballybeg Fianna Fáil Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy says one concerned parent in Kilmaley has been left in a difficult situation with her son, who hasn’t been able to secure a spot in Ennis.

You can hear more on this on Clare FM’s Morning Focus from 9am this Wednesday morning.